Quality Control

Before implementation to mass production,a prototype is subjected to detailed examination,including,among others:
● Dimensional control,
● Endurance control,
● Control of the internal structure of the casting,
● Corrosion tests,
● High humidity tests,
● Salt spray tests - testing the quality of anti-corrosion coating,cross-cut tests-testing adhesion


During production we use a variety of methods for visual inspection and measurement,including,among others:
● Flatness measurement of the details.
● Measurement of roughness
● Microscope measuring
● Endurance tests
● Measurement
● Autoclave-pressure and suction heating.
● They guarantee durability and safety in accordance with the strict requirements.


The fulfilment of high quality and safety standards applicable provides additionally:
● Research faboratories and research institutions.
● Taking into account production processes and audit standards
● Environmentally friendly measures-implementation of a unique production technology,ensure fulfilment of EU directives in the field of elimination of certain heavy metals.